The New Normality: GrafZyxFoundation is hybrid

    [ PHYSICAL ]

[ VIRTUAL ]    

Thesis, antithesis - that might sound like dialectics. Wrong guess: who needs synthesis in art?
Synthesis is lousy.
Because: radical competition invigorates the mind, art is not a democratic flattery zone and may polarize without restraint.
So we install physically grounded theses in TANK.3040.AT and virtually freely fluctuating antitheses at V-I-R.US as permanent, emancipated parallel instances. Both do not put up with diluting syntheses or lazy compromises and play out their respective advantages as equipotent positions with creative consistency and incorruptibility.
And these are considerable in each case when comparing physical space with virtual space.
And they should encourage us to think things through to the end.
Ecological and thus economic reason could soon give the defenders of the no-alternative communication at close quarters the image of being hopelessly stuck in the past.
At any rate, we welcome change instead of regretting and lamenting it, and at least explore its potential first.
It is better not to wait for a return to the former normality, which we know is not at all desirable and which can never come unmodified anyway, but to test strategies and techniques for the gradual, integrative expansion of the world, which is fixated on growth in a therapy-resistant manner, into the virtual macrocosm.

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